Dyslexia Courses for second level teachers

Wyn McCormack of DyslexiaCourses is running a number of courses for second level teachers in Kilkenny and New Ross in the coming weeks.

The first course is on Dyslexia and Maths and this takes place in the Springhill Court Hotel, Kilkenny on Saturday 25th January. The course will include the following:

  • What students with dyslexia find difficult about Maths.
  • Different cognitive strategies in Maths learning.
  • The impact of anxiety on learning in Maths.
  • Approaches that have been found to be effective in Maths learning.
  • Resources for Maths learning.

The second course will be held in the Mount Brandon Hotel in New Ross on Saturday, 1st February. This course is for second level mainstream teachers who may have some SEN hours.

Further information is available from Wyn at wynmccormack@sky.com or check out her website at http://www.dyslexiacourses.ie



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