iDyslexic Apps

Local man and Tech investor, Brendan Morrissey, has launched a new app to help dyslexic children with their homework, calendar and organisational skills. iDyslexic is a simple social network that allows the child, parent, teacher and case worker log into a secure classroom. It’s also a social network for anyone of any age living with dyslexia – ADHD. Users can connect directly, upload content and communicate with the Dyslexia organisations around the world.

The app is free on the app stores. There is a small annual fee for a parent, teacher etc if they wish to set up the secure classroom.

The key aim of the network is to let dyslexic children know that they are not alone and that there is a community out there to support them. With the iDyslexic app they can connect with and build friendships with others in the same position. It also helps parents of children with dyslexia to connect with similar parents and it also has many applications and benefits for schools.

We wish Brendan and his team, who have worked very hard on this new and exciting initiative, every success and we look forward to learning more about the app and its benefits.


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