Dyslexia Seminar

Over sixty people, attended a very successful seminar today in the Springhill Court Hotel organised by Kilkenny Dyslexia Workshop. The theme of the seminar was “Supporting pupils with dyslexia through primary and secondary education.” The guest speaker was Wyn Mc Cormack who herself is the mother of 3 sons with dyslexia. She is also a special needs teacher, guidance counsellor and author of books on dyslexia. She provides workshops and information evenings for parents, students and teachers.

In a very comprehensive presentation she covered the problems that pupils with dyslexia encounter in primary and second level but this was peppered with lots of useful tips, apps, websites etc that support parents and their children.

There were plenty of questions from the floor and Wyn showed the depth of her knowledge and expertise in patiently addressing parents individual concerns.

This is the first of what we hope will be many others successful seminars. Watch this space for many of the useful apps and links recommended by Wyn.



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