Zoom Webinar for Parents

Many parents of students with dyslexia struggle to know how to support the student at second level as the challenges are different to those experienced at primary level and the present Covid crisis has exacerbated this.    This webinar on   Wednesday 21st October 19.30 to 20.30 aims to give practical help and advice.

The topics addressed include:

  • How dyslexia affects the student at second level 
  • How to support the student in the following areas
    • Organisation
    • Note-taking
    • Memory and Learning
    • Reading
    • Writing
    • Spelling and Vocabulary.
  • Key educational choices such as subject choice, language exemptions etc.
  • Resources such as useful websites.  

What parents have said of our courses in the past. 

  • ‘Gave me hope and ideas on how to help’.
  • ‘I found it brilliant, jam-packed with information and advice and it was performed in such a professional manner’.
  • ‘Very informative.  We felt we saw some possible direction and hope for our child into the future’.


Wyn McCormack worked as guidance counsellor and special education teacher.  She has designed and presented courses on dyslexia for teachers, parents and students since 1996.   She is the author of the Factsheets on Dyslexia at Second Level (2014), Lost for Words 3rd Ed. 2007, and co-author of Dyslexia, an Irish Perspective 2nd Ed 2010

Cost   The cost of the webinar is €20.  To book a place, please use the booking form below.

2 thoughts on “Zoom Webinar for Parents

    1. Hi Jane,

      You cannot book a place on the webinar through this website. We are just promoting the webinar for Wyn. There’s a booking form and details in the post.


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